5 Reasons Your App Idea May Suck

App Idea

The saddest thing that can happen to you as a developer is that you can spend so much time on a project, have such high ambitions and dreams for it, try your hardest to make it as great as you can, only to see it fail. And sadly, this happens way more than you might think. In fact, most applications never even reach the 500 download mark. Why is that? Their idea sucked. We’re going to take a look at why their ideas sucked, and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes when planning your application. 

1. Your Type Of App Is Over Saturated

Let’s think about some of the most common applications on the App Store. Weather applications, and endless runner games. There are literally thousand of weather applications on the App Store that offer great features, and are well known by us consumers. So if there are already so many great weather applications available on the App Store, why the heck should I bother downloading yours? After all, all weather apps do the same thing – they tell the weather. There is no point in you adding another one to the App Store when there are already so many more than we need, right?

Only large companies are able to get away with this, and that’s only because they already have such a large followers base. As a new developer, you’ll never get noticed with an over saturated application.

2. Your App Is Not Unique

This closely ties in with number one, although the type of app that was produced may not necessarily be over saturated. However, if you are going to do a similar type of application that another company had already pulled off successfully, it has to be unique. It has to have some sort of spin-off that separates it from the rest. It has to have something that draws users away from the successful applications, and bring them to yours. A common mistake I find is that people make tower defense games, which are similar to the current successful tower defense games, and don’t change anything but some sprites and the GUI. This is not going to bring people to your application. We’re talking more than just appeal to the senses – we want something fun that the other game was lacking.

So how do you know what to do differently? Find out what customers want in the already popular app. Search through the reviews, find out what features the consumers want. Put them in your app. Boom. You’ve already beat your competitor to something people want.

3. You Don’t Have The Skill

Some people have wonderful ideas, but their programming skill does not match their aspirations. You may have the world’s best idea, but if you don’t know how to make it, there’s nothing you can really do, right? Before you start programming any application, you should always have a solid knowledge of Objective-C, the programming language for iOS. If your idea is beyond your skill level, consider working with a group of other developers, or hiring a professional to design the application for you. Do not waste time trying to do it yourself when you know you can’t – you’ll either give up and have wasted tons of hours, or settle for something low quality that consumers will not want to purchase.

4. You Don’t Appeal To The Consumer

Every developer generally loves their own app. Heck, I know I do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your consumers will like it, and after all, they are the ones who will be using it the most. They are the ones that’ll be bringing you revenue. Ask around before you start working on your new application. Send a message to some of your friends, telling them about your app, and asking them for their opinions on it. Don’t let them hurt your feelings – if your idea doesn’t sound interesting, it’s better that it dies before it’s born, if you know what I mean. Better to not even work on it in the first place than to waste a ton of time on it and watch it fail, right? Engage with your customers. Get their opinions. Find out what they like and don’t like. Doing this will dramatically increase your downloads once your application is released, or prevent you from wasting time if your idea does suck.

5. You Appeal To A Very Small Percentage Of People

If possible, your application should always appeal to people at a global level. For example, if I made a wonderful application about landscaping in Washington State, you can sure bet it’d get downloads in Washington State, but nobody else in the world would give it a thought. It wouldn’t appeal to them unless they lived in Washington. By appealing to only a select group of people, you’re ruling out the possibility of downloads from other groups of people, and you don’t want to do that. You want to appeal to as many people as you can, right?

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