Beginning Programming For iOS – How To Make iPhone or iPad Applications

Have you ever wanted to produce your own application or game for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Have you had a great idea, that you knew would be an instant hit and make you a lot of money? Have you had dreams of your application hitting the top charts on Apple’s App Store, but not know how to begin? There are a few requirements before your dreams of becoming a top app developer, but once you have fulfilled them, you’re right on your way.

1. Own A Macintosh Computer

The first requirement is unfortunately what stops most people from pursuing their dream of making a top selling application. Developing for iOS requires Apple’s integrated development enviornment (IDE) Xcode is only available for Intel based Macintosh computers, so without a Mac computer, you’ll be unable to develop iOS applications for the App Store. (Note: Xcode is not required to develop things to be released on Cydia, the jailbroken app store)

2. Enroll In Apple’s Developer Program

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Once you have a Macintosh computer, it’s time for you to take your first steps into actually beginning development for the iPhone. Enroll in Apple’s developer program here, and log in with your Apple account. Then download Xcode and the latest version of the iPhone/iPad software development kit (SDK).

3. Learn Objective-C

Objective-C is the object oriented programming language used for developing applications for Mac or for iOS. You will write your applications in this programming language, so having a good understanding of it and learning the language fully will make your task a lot easier in the long run. The first Objective-C tutorial on iOS Universe can be found here – Introduction to Objective-C. If you prefer books to online tutorials, I very highly recommend Programming in Objective-C (5th Edition) (Developer’s Library) as it is designed for users who have no prior programming experience.

4. Enroll In The iOS Development Program

The reason I put this after learning the language is that you won’t actually need to enroll until you’re almost ready to publish your app. You’re already able to test your app in the iPhone or iPad simulator in Xcode before enrolling in this program, but enrolling in the iOS Development program allows you to test on devices and eventually submit your application to be published on the App Store.

Once you have done all of these things, you’re set on your way to publishing applications on the App Store and making some money. Although only four steps are shown here, in reality it is a much harder task than it appears. And developing the app is only half the work, marketing is a whole different ball game.

Why do you want to create apps to be published on the App Store. Money? Fame? Or do you just want to get your idea out? Let us know!



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