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Have you ever wanted to create a hit game that receives thousands of downloads, putting thousands of dollars in your pocket? Have you ever wanted to quit your day job, and work developing applications on your own hours? Or how about being able to make money while you sleep? That’s pretty cool, right?

Some things can’t be learned online. Some things can’t be taught by being read to you, or by watching. They say the best way to learn something challenging is by following someone who’s had massive experience with the subject. And guess what? That’s exactly what you get with App Dev Secrets.

App Dev Secrets is a series of over 40 video tutorials brought to you by someone special. Someone who knows the in and outs of app development, from planning to selling. Someone who makes over 60 THOUSAND dollars a month. What if that could be you? Now it can be.

With App Dev Secrets, you will learn from his success and failures. You will learn not only how to create an app – you will learn how to save the most amount of time possible, how to market it so it sells, and how to rake in the maximum amount of profit possible. And let’s face it, every developer wants to make money from their hard work, right? Right.

Being someone who purchased this product myself, I can say it’s very well done. The series of videos are broken up into weeks – each covering a different vital part of being successful as an application developer. The creator, Mike, actually cares about helping small guys like you and me succeed, and is constantly putting out updates to his course to adapt to the changes made throughout the months. Now that’s something you’ll never seen in a book!

The only thing you guys should know is that although it will teach you how the different ways to develop iOS applications without coding knowledge, if you do want to code using Objective-C, this course doesn’t teach you that. After all, if it did, it would for a heck of a lot more than the bargain price it’s at right now.

Before you get too excited though, let me make one thing clear. This is not a get rich quick scamIt will still take effort on your part to create and sell an app that will eventually go on to make you thousands of dollars. However, with the knowledge gained from this course, not only will you make a lot less mistakes, you’ll be able to start making more from your application quicker and easier. And who doesn’t love quick and easy?

Whether you’re a first time developer, or a producer of several iOS applications already, there are still a ton of secrets that will be revealed to you within this course. I learned a heck of a lot, and I guarantee you will learn a lot as well. Take it from me – Mike knows what he’s talking about!

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Want to learn how to make thousands of dollars of passive income in the App Store?

My friend Mike over at App Dev Secrets just released his new, fool-proof course that teaches you how to make amazing iPhone or iPad applications and games! Best of all, you need zero programming knowledge whatoever to get started!

If you've ever dreamed of having your own apps and games make thousands every month, head on over to Mike's website and check it out!


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