Make Your Number Of App Downloads Explode With Five Simple Techniques

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With hundreds of thousands of applications on the App Store today, the market has changed a lot from since it first began. In the early days of iOS, if you put your app up there, people would download it. There wasn’t so much competition back then as there is now in 2013. In fact, some say developing the application isn’t even the hardest part of being successful on the App Store anymore – marketing is. Using these five simple marketing techniques, you’ll be able to dramatically increase the amount of downloads your application receives, and boost downloads for future applications you produce as well.

1. Establish A Loyal Audience

One loyal person purchasing your app is more important than two or more non-loyal people buying your application. But wait, that doesn’t make sense, does it? That just seems like less money being made from sales. Maybe at first, but over a long time, your loyal purchasers will market your app for free and get you many more downloads. Loyal purchasers  are those that not only download your application, they also are likely to download future applications, share your content, tell your friends, and want to get connected to you on a real personal level. They want to get to know the developer behind the application – and that’s why for every indie developer, I always recommend having an “About Me” page dedicated on your website. Loyal audience members are also likely to follow you on social networking websites, which brings me to my next point…

2. Build Social Networking Profiles

How are consumers supposed to know about your future applications if they have no way of connecting to you? It’s vital that you create social networking profiles for websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and perhaps even Google+. You may not need to create an individual page for each of your applications, but you should at least make a company page on each of these sites. If you’re an app developer, follow us on Twitter and let us know, and we’ll give you a shoutout. We love seeing indie developers succeed, so we want to help out any way we can.

3. Submit To Application Review Websites

Few people will download your application if they’ve never even heard of it. The best way to get the name of your application out there is to have it reviewed by websites with a large audience. This is especially useful if your application is of high quality. The websites will give it good reviews, and people will buy it. Some of the bigger websites charge money to review your application, but usually the cost is well justified due to the amount of spotlight it gets. We offer our own review service here on iOS Universe if you’re interested! 

4. Pay For Advertising

Nobody really likes paying money for anything, especially something digital. However, in today’s competitive market, it’s almost necessary to do so if you want to get in the top charts. Thankfully, usually the money you make from the extra downloads will cover the cost of the advertising, if you choose your advertising wisely. The best time to advertise is within the first week of your application being approved to be on the App Store, so you can get on the “New and Noteworthy” section of the App Store, as well as boosting your rankings in the Top Charts section.

5. Get Feedback

Nothing is more important to improving your application than collecting feedback from your users. Your applications users will tell you exactly what’s going great with your application, and more importantly for you, what’s not. You may think you have the coolest feature or idea – but after all, if you’re doing this for business purposes, you need to cater to the thoughts and opinions of your customers, not your own. Do whatever you can to get feedback of your application, and then improve it. No app is ever perfect. You should always be trying to improve. By doing so, you’ll get more five star reviews, which leads to more downloads. The key to getting ranked high on the App Store itself is having a high quality application that people will want to download.


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