How Would Apple Utilize A Fingerprint Scanner?

Among many other rumors, it’s expected that Apple will feature a fingerprint scanner with the upcoming iPhone 5S. But how exactly would Apple use this fingerprint scanner on the iPhone? What uses would it have, and why should we care about it? Apple is not a company that likes to mess around with useless features – if they’re going to both to implement a feature as big as a fingerprint scanner, it’s bound to have practical use. The idea for a fingerprint scanner may tie in largely with the rumor that the iPhone 5S will feature NFC technology, which would essentially allow you to make payments with your iPhone.

A fingerprint check to verify that you’re the account owner would be great for exactly that. After all, no two people in the entire world have the same fingerprint, so what could possibly be more secure?

But digital payments via NFC may not be the only thing fingerprint scanning will be used for. Let’s think about security for a moment.

In the past, the most secure way we’ve had of protecting our account was through a password. A password that only the rightful owner is supposed to know. However, despite years of teaching good password ettiquete, many people still use rather unsecure passwords, making them easily hackable. But what about a fingerprint? A password is something you have, but a fingerprint is something you are. Your password can be stolen, but your fingerprint can not.

And the possibilities don’t even end there – a fingerprint scanner can be used as a convenience tool for unlocking your iPhone, or in place of a password. Should Apple decide to open up the fingerprint scanner to developers, the possibilities are virtually endless.

So while we don’t know exactly what Apple has planned for their fingerprint scanner, we can be sure that it will have practical uses and we look forward to seeing it in action.

What are your thoughts on a fingerprint scanner? Was implementing a fingerprint scanner a good or bad idea by Apple?

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