iOS 7 Expected To Receive A Design Overhaul

Since the original iPhone, the design of the operating system hasn’t changed much at all. We still have the set application icons, the same animations, and the same layout. The good news is, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People who have owned an iOS device before will have an easy time upgrading to their newer one, as they’ll already be familiar with the operating system. But for how much longer? It’s expected that a major design overhaul code named “Innsbruck” will come with iOS 7. Let’s take a look at what we can expect.


Is the design of iOS stale? Maybe, or maybe not. But Apple seems to be ready to ditch the old design in favor for a more popular, trending design at the moment – a flat one, similar to the route Microsoft has taken with Windows 8 and its Windows Phone.

Jonathon Ive, the vice president of Apple’s design team, feels that many different elements of iOS need improvement. ┬áBut will these changes disrupt the learning curve of iOS? Probably not. Because it’s simply the design of the operating system being changed, there are a few things we can expect, such as new app icons for Apple’s applications, maybe a new design for tables and tabs within applications, and a revamped notification center.

There are a few things that we’d like to see in iOS 7,and a new design was not on this list. However, everything needs change from time to time to prevent becoming stale, and perhaps this is Apple’s time. After all, they do seem to be going through a transition period, with the iPhone 5 having a larger screen size and a new lighting charger port which will be used on future devices.

Is this a good idea? Or would you prefer to keep the design that we’ve known for so long? Let us know!

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