Is A Gold iPad In Production?

Gold iPad Mini

The launch of the iPhone 5S featured an all new color scheme for Apple – most noticeably, the addition of a gold tinted iPhone. Is the iPad the next Apple product to feature a splash of color? Is a gold iPad in production? 

iPad rumors are circling around the internet at the moment, in anticipation of the release of the next iPad and iPad mini. Several of the rumors regarding the iPhone 5S have turned out to be true, and one of the most common rumors we’ve been hearing is that both the iPad and the iPad mini will feature a gold design.

But would this make sense for Apple? Absolutely. While the golden iPhone isn’t the most popular in areas such as the U.S. and the U.K, the gold iPhone is far surpassing sales in other countries such as China, where gold can be seen as a status symbol.

If the gold iPhone is selling so well, it would make perfect sense for Apple to produce a gold iPad as well. However, it may look very different than what’s pictured above. Although leaked pictures have often turned out to be accurate, it’s not always the case. So before you save money to buy a flashy new iPad Mini 2, consider that the photo pictured above may have been made in Photoshop and the next iPad could look completely different.

While the photos themselves may not be real, it’s a very real possibility that we will see a gold iPad and iPad mini when they are announced later this month.

Would you buy a gold iPad mini if Apple released one? Why or why not?

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  1. I hope a gold iPad comes out. id definitely buy it. i think it would make it look Classy

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