Weight Loss Explosion App Turns Exercise And Healthy Habits Into A Game

Weight Loss Explosion
Losing weight is never easy. Not only do you have to change your diet habits, you have to reorganize your schedule to make time for exercise. On top of all that, you have to deal with the most challenging aspect of it all – keeping yourself motivated to continue your healthy habits until you see desirable results, which can take more than 6 weeks.

Weight Loss Explosion by Eat To Win LLC attempts to make the process of losing weight more fun by turning it into a game. [Read more...]

Gravity Guy 2 Review (iOS)

Gravity Guy 2 Home


When a paid game on the App Store becomes a huge success, as the original Gravity Guy did, it’s almost inevitable that a sequel is produced. After all, with a huge fanbase, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll make a lot of sales for the next game in the series. Usually, the developers learn from their mistakes and approve the game based on feedback they receive from the players of their game. Unfortunately, Gravity Guy 2 has completely changed, and has taken a step in the wrong direction from its predecessor.  [Read more...]