Brain Waves Altered States App Review

Altered States
The human brain is amazingly complex. It controls everything in our lives – what we do, how we feel, and how we think. But how easily can the brain be influenced? Did you know that a simple iPhone application is capable of completing changing the way you feel?  [Read more...]



There are a lot of games on the App Store that don’t quite get the attention they deserve. In a lot of cases, great games rank high in Apple’s App Store, but in other cases, wonderful games go unnoticed by the majority of people. BUSTED by Pim Entertainment is one of those games.  [Read more...]

Imgur Browser Review

The internet is full of media – video, music, but most of all, pictures. It’s human nature to want to share great (or not so great) media we find on the internet, and that’s exactly why Imgur was created.

Imgur is a photo sharing website that lets you upload and share and categorize different types of photos. After uploaded, other Imgur users can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the photo, as well as leave comments on it to voice their opinions. Because each image is categorized, users can find pictures of whatever they want to see – whether it be computers, to cats, to just general funny pictures.

Imgur is great, but the one thing Imgur has been missing is a great mobile app that lets you access it on the go. That was, until now.  [Read more...]

Bike Race Pro Review

Bike Race Pro Title Screen

It takes a great application to hit the top charts of the App Store, and then stay there for a long time. That’s exactly what Bike Race Pro  has done, and that’s exactly why we’re providing our review of the hit game. Here is our review Bike Race Pro for iPhone.  [Read more...]

Peggle Review (iOS)

Peggle Title Screen

PopCap has done it again with an insanely addictive game, first released for PC, and now available for iOS as well. That game is Peggle, a physics based arcade game that has received over 30 million downloads since launch, and for a good reason. [Read more...]