Songsterr Review For iPhone and iPad

Songsterr Interface iPhoneAny guitarist, expert to absolute beginner, will have probably spent some time on tablature websites looking up tabs on how to play their favorite song. Anybody who’s been on one of them knows how bad they are – pop up ads, banners, annoying auto-playing audio. It sucks! Not to mention, the tabs are in plain text, so you have no idea when you’re supposed to play each note. Songsterr on iPhone and iPad fixes all of that.  [Read more...]

Cut The Rope Review (iOS)

Cut The Rope Title Screen

Becoming one of the most popular iPhone games of all the time, this physics based puzzle game continues to impress. Even after a year, Cut The Rope is still an extremely entertaining game, making it worthy of a review here on iOS Universe.  [Read more...]

Fruit Ninja Review (iOS)

Fruit Ninja Title Screen

Here’s a pro tip for you app developers out there. Sometimes, the simplest games are the best, and Fruit Ninja is no exception. In fact, the concept behind Fruit Ninja is so simple that it can be explained in two words –  slice fruit.  [Read more...]

Bejeweled Review (iOS)

Bejeweled for iOS

When match-3 games come to mind, what is the first one you think of? For most people, the answer is Bejeweled. This classic game has gone through many different versions and revamps throughouts its years, and is now available for almost every system. Popcap has now released the game for iOS, but does it live up to the hype?

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Plants Vs Zombies Review (iOS)

plants vs zombies title screen iphone


I wouldn’t blame you if you told me you were sick of tower defense games, and you didn’t want to try another one. Top casual game development company PopCap has released their own Tower Defense game, which has sat high on the Top Charts section of the App Store for a while now, and for a good reason – Plants vs Zombies isn’t just another tower defense game.  Even if you’re sick of tower defense games, you may want to give this one a try – and here’s why. 

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Doodle Jump Review (iPhone)

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is one of those games that everyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch have probably heard of. It’s the most popular among the games which require you to jump your character as high as you can by tilting your device to the left or the right. Doodle Jump is one of those games, like Infinity Blade 2, that I almost didn’t want to review – simply because I never wanted to stop playing it like a player and looking at it like a reviewer.

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Tiny Wings Review

Tiny Wings Gameplay

Every year at the iPhone announcements, Apple and consumers boast about how the devices are getting closer and closer to be able to process console like graphics and gameplay. However sometimes, the simplest games are the best, and that is certainly true with Tiny Wings.

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