The Single Most Effective Way To Market Your Applications

Developing applications for iOS is not easy. You have to learn an entire programming language, learn good design techniques, deal with the headaches that come with debugging, and finally, dealing with Apple’s weird and strict guidelines for submitting applications. Perhaps your app is on the App Store, great! The hardest part is over. Or is it?

Let’s think about something for a moment. There are hundreds of thousands of applications on the App Store. But how many of these are popular? What percentage of these could be considered a success? Not very many. Developers put in hard work to get their applications on the App Store, but most of their applications do not meet expectations because developers forget one of the most important aspects of releasing an app on the App Store – marketing.  [Read more...]

How To Get Blogs To Review Your App

Ever created an iPhone app? It’s a tough market, isn’t it? You may have thought your work was done once the app was approved for the App Store, but in truth, it’s only just begun. Now you have to market your apps, a task that gets harder each and every day. So how do you go about it? One good way to do so is to get blogs to review your app.  [Read more...]