Apple Celebrates Five Years Of The App Store

5 Years Of The App Store

Apple has begun celebrating the 5th anniversary of the App Store by making some of the most popular apps over the year free for a limited time. Some of these applications include games such as Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water, and Infinity Blade 2.
They’ve also released a nice little timeline displaying key events in the App Store that have made it, “the world’s most innovative destination for apps” These landmarks go all the way back from the beginning of the App Store, with only 500 apps available, to now, with more than 900,000 apps available on the App Store. The timeline covers everything in between, including the dates for a certain number of apps downloaded, as well as the most popular apps of each year.

Other apps that have gone free for today include: Badland, Gator CrossOver, Traktor DJ, Mirror’s Edge (iPhone/iPad) Flight Control, Ground Bombers, Dead Space (iPhone/iPad), Peggle (iPhone/iPad) and the original Infinity Blade. You can download them for free by clicking the links above.

With five years of the App Store gone, it’s interesting to think what the future of the App Store has in store for us! :)

How Apple Would Be Different If They Didn’t Allow Free Apps

One of Apple’s best selling points is the fact that the iOS App Store has over 800,000 applications available for download at any time, around 30% of those being free. So essentially, when you purchase an iOS Device, you have a limitless amount of free media, applications, and games available for download. But how would Apple be different today if they did not allow free applications on their App Store?

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