How To Choose The Best Carrier For Your iPhone

There are lots of decisions you have to make when buying an iPhone. You have to choose how much storage you want on your iPhone. You have to choose the color you want your iPhone to be. Finally, you have to choose your carrier who will provide you cellular service. This article is all about making that decision. Through a selection of different criteria, we will determine the best carrier for your iPhone. [Read more...]

T-Mobile To Add The iPhone



After years of waiting, T-Mobile finally announced today that it would begin selling the iPhone. Deeming themselves as the “uncarrier”, T-Mobile will be the only provider to not bind the iPhone  to a two year contract. Instead, consumers will put a $99 down payment in, and then pay for the rest of the phone via $20 per month fees on top of the pre-paid fees. If this idea does not sound appealing, consumers also have the option of paying for the full phone at once, and cutting off the extra fees.

T-Mobile hopes that by approaching a different approach, with no contracts or subsidies, they will be able to attract more consumers than their competitors. T-Mobile has taken a huge step forward by allowing the world’s most popular smart phone to be provided by them.

The iPhone 4, 4S, and  5 will be available for sale on T-Mobile starting April 12th.