The Ultimate Guide To Making A Good Endless Runner Game

Temple Run

Endless runner games (games in which your character runs infinitely until you eventually die, with the aim to get as far as you can) are becoming more and more popular on the App Store everyday. This would be great – they’re addicting, fun, simple, and can be played in only a few minutes. That is, except for one thing. The majority of them suck. But what makes certain games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, or Jetpack Joyride stand out? Millions of people love them!  By following the tips below, you can ensure that your endless runner game will be just as fun as the ones listed above.  [Read more...]

Subway Surfers – The Ultimate Guide

Subway Surfers Gameplay

Let’s face it, we all like beating are friends in a competitive event. Whether it be in a sport, achievement, or in this case, a game, it’s true. And guess what? You’ve stumbled upon a guide to Subway Surfers which will allow you to achieve just that – soon, your name and picture will be at the top of the leaderboards, your friends amazed at your score. I present to you, the ultimate guide for Subway Surfers.  [Read more...]

Gravity Guy 2 Review (iOS)

Gravity Guy 2 Home


When a paid game on the App Store becomes a huge success, as the original Gravity Guy did, it’s almost inevitable that a sequel is produced. After all, with a huge fanbase, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll make a lot of sales for the next game in the series. Usually, the developers learn from their mistakes and approve the game based on feedback they receive from the players of their game. Unfortunately, Gravity Guy 2 has completely changed, and has taken a step in the wrong direction from its predecessor.  [Read more...]