There are a lot of games on the App Store that don’t quite get the attention they deserve. In a lot of cases, great games rank high in Apple’s App Store, but in other cases, wonderful games go unnoticed by the majority of people. BUSTED by Pim Entertainment is one of those games.  [Read more...]

Zombieville USA 2 Review (iOS)

Zombieville USA 2 Title Screen
Picture this: You’re running through the abandoned streets of the USA wearing a top hat and gunning down a horde of zombies? What could be cooler than that, right? Zombieville USA 2 is a side scrolling shooter that lets you do exactly that. [Read more...]

Bike Race Pro Review

Bike Race Pro Title Screen

It takes a great application to hit the top charts of the App Store, and then stay there for a long time. That’s exactly what Bike Race Pro  has done, and that’s exactly why we’re providing our review of the hit game. Here is our review Bike Race Pro for iPhone.  [Read more...]

World Cup Table Tennis Review (iOS)

World Cup Table Tennis Gameplay

Table Tennis (or Ping Pong, as some might know it as) is one of the worlds most popular table games. Easy to get into and easy to understand, you simply try and bounce the ball to the other persons side of the table, the first player unable to do so concedes a point. However, despite being easy to pick up and play, mastering Ping Pong is extremely challenging. As you face off in Ping Pong battles against 40 other countries, you’ll find yourself developing your virtual Ping Pong skills from newbie to expert.

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Alpha Merge Review

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Word games have increased in popularity dramatically over the past year. The concept of them is simple. You are handed a selection of randomly generated letters, and you use them to make a word, typically, with longer words being more points. The app store is full of word games now, it’s almost hard for new ones to stand out. But let me tell you, Alpha Merge is not just another word game.

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Fifa Soccer 13 Review (iOS)

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Since EA first launched FIFA 10 on iOS, which looked downright horrible and ugly, the amount of improvement from game to game has been increasing drastically each year. With all new game modes, ways to attack, addition of online multiplayer, and various other improvements, the upgrade from FIFA 12 to FIFA 13 may be the greatest yet.

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