Gravity Guy 2 Review (iOS)

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When a paid game on the App Store becomes a huge success, as the original Gravity Guy did, it’s almost inevitable that a sequel is produced. After all, with a huge fanbase, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll make a lot of sales for the next game in the series. Usually, the developers learn from their mistakes and approve the game based on feedback they receive from the players of their game. Unfortunately, Gravity Guy 2 has completely changed, and has taken a step in the wrong direction from its predecessor.  [Read more...]

Fifa Soccer 13 Review (iOS)

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Since EA first launched FIFA 10 on iOS, which looked downright horrible and ugly, the amount of improvement from game to game has been increasing drastically each year. With all new game modes, ways to attack, addition of online multiplayer, and various other improvements, the upgrade from FIFA 12 to FIFA 13 may be the greatest yet.

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Using Game Center on iOS

As more and more developers start integrating Game Center into their applications,   more and more people have been paying attention to it, and using it on a regular basis. Some consumers may not even purchase a game if it doesn’t have game center integrated into it. But not all people are like that, in fact, some people have no idea what Game Center even is. This article will explain what Game Center is, and how to use it.

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