Everything You Need To Know About MFi Gaming Controllers

Logitech Powershell

Back in June, Apple announced something that could change the mobile gaming industry forever: a standard for iOS gaming controllers known as Made For iPhone (or MFi) for short.

With the controller support that came with iOS 7, users can now use controllers with physical buttons rather than being forced to use the cramped buttons on the iPhone or iPod’s touch screen.

Let’s look into it a bit further into how it works. As pictured above, you can see that the iPhone is plugged directly into the controller. While this is currently the standard, standalone controllers are also being made which connect to your iPhone or iPod Touch via BlueTooth.

Although we aren’t quite seeing them yet, MFi has huge advantages for both the consumer and the developer. Let’s break it down. [Read more...]

How To Get Better At Any iOS Game

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The iPhone is quickly becoming the most popular mobile gaming device, with thousands of games available on the app store, and more being released every day. The hardware capabilities of smartphones and tablets are improving so drastically, the potential for mobile games has gone up immensely. And as games become bigger, more competitive features are added, such as leaderboards, achievements, and online multiplayer. And with competition comes desire to get better. There are a few things you can do that will help you improve at any iOS game, no matter the genre.

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