Is The iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Really Secure?

One of the talking points about the new iPhone 5S was the addition of a new piece of hardware – a fingerprint scanner. Apple’s new fingerprint scanner, called “Touch ID” is one of the biggest security additions to the iPhone to date. With any huge security update comes a huge supply of questions. Is the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S really secure? Will Touch ID really protect your device? Could a thief still get into your phone with Touch ID enabled? Let’s take a look.  [Read more...]

iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Announcement – Everything You Need To Know

For the first time ever, Apple is completely replacing last generation’s iPhone. Rather than simply discounting the product and leaving it up for sale, Apple is completely discontinuing the iPhone 5. Instead, they announced two new replacements – the long-anticipated iPhone 5S, and the brand new line of iPhone, the iPhone 5C.  [Read more...]

How Would Apple Utilize A Fingerprint Scanner?

Among many other rumors, it’s expected that Apple will feature a fingerprint scanner with the upcoming iPhone 5S. But how exactly would Apple use this fingerprint scanner on the iPhone? What uses would it have, and why should we care about it?  [Read more...]

Apple Needs New Innovations To Stay King Of Smartphones

Without a doubt, Apple is in a decline right now. Their stock has fell over $250 in the past six months, the fastest it’s ever fell, and it’s only Apple’s fault. Competitors such as Samsung and Microsoft are beginning to take over the smartphone market with more powerful hardware, and new features. Although the iPhone still remains the best selling smartphone out, that may not be the case for much longer if Apple fails to come up with new innovations to fend off their competitors.

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iPhone 5S – S for Security?


The iPhone 3GS’ major increase from the iPhone 3G was speed. The iPhone 4S’ major upgrade from the iPhone 4 was for Siri. Latest rumors are suggesting that perhaps the S in the next installment of the iPhone may stand for security, as speculation is suggesting that the iPhone 5S may feature a fingerprint scanner and near field communication technology.

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