How To Automatically Add Lyrics To Your iTunes Songs

Having the lyrics of a song at your disposal is a powerful tool. Not only do the lyrics help a song make a lot more sense, knowing them often times makes the songs more enjoyable to listen to, because you’re able to follow along. Tapping your foot to the rhythm is great and all, but sometimes you want to be able to sing along, and that can only be done by knowing the lyrics. But how exactly do you get the lyrics for all the songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? It could be done manually, but that is a long and tedious process nobody wants to go through, especially if you have a larger library of songs. Thankfully, tools have been created that can do this task automatically. [Read more...]

Are The Apple Earpods Right For You?


When the iPod was first launched in 2004, it featured a pair of solid white earphones, which instantly became a hit. As the iPod became more popular, so did the earphones that came with it. One could be walking through a store and see a pair of white earphones in someone’s ear, and they’d know that person was using an Apple iPod. It was unique, and a great marketing plan by Apple. And the earphone design was kept almost the same for years, until fall 2012, when Apple announced that they were finally ditching the old design and replacing them with the new Apple Earpods. It’s no doubt that Apple’s new Earpods are a huge upgrade over the old earphones, but are they right for you? [Read more...]