iOS 7 Receives Design Overhaul Among Other Features

iOS 7 Flat Design

It was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference today that iOS 7 is set to receive a completely new look and design, among other new features. Ever since the release of the original iPhone, iOS has had the same sort of look, but this year, Apple plans to change that.

It appears that Apple are going for a flat, simple look, similar to that of the Window’s metro design. “The biggest change to iOS since the release of the original iPhone” says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Along with the new design, iOS 7 brings all new features as well. Among these new features is the new Control center, which can be activated from swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone. Here you’ll be able to control all the little things on your device, switches, toggles, and settings, similar to what the SBSettings jailbreak tweak has been offering us for years.

iOS 7 Control Center

But that’s not the only new big feature in iOS 7. The operating system will now take note of what applications you use a lot, and what applications you don’t use. iOS will use this information to dedicate different amounts of system resources to specific applications.

Both the camera application and Siri will receive improvements in iOS 7 as well. Instagram like filters have been added to the camera, as well as different shooting modes such as panorama. Meanwhile, users will have the option of giving Siri different voices.


Finally, we’ve been told that the App Store will now update your applications automatically – something that may or may not be an improvement. Sometimes, people purposely avoid updating applications because the new releases of applications can be buggy, or add additional advertisements. What’s your opinion on the matter?

But the list doesn’t end here! There are many more features within iOS 7 that Apple didn’t announce. Which ones look to be your favorite so far? Let us know below.