How Apple Would Be Different If They Didn’t Allow Free Apps

One of Apple’s best selling points is the fact that the iOS App Store has over 800,000 applications available for download at any time, around 30% of those being free. So essentially, when you purchase an iOS Device, you have a limitless amount of free media, applications, and games available for download. But how would Apple be different today if they did not allow free applications on their App Store?

1. Android Would Take Over

There would still be a large number of iPhone and iP ad sales, but significantly less than their are now. A lot of smartphone owners now a days are teenagers or even young kids, who do not have their own debit or credit card. They like the idea that they can download applications without having to pay or ask permission from their parents, so if Apple stopped allowing free applications to be published on their app store, the younger consumers would favor Android-based phones over iOS.

2. Developers Would Prefer To Develop For Android

Due to the mass amount of people running iOS based devices, the potential money developing games for iOS is really inviting. However, this market would not be there if Apple required all apps to cost money. Android is already easier to develop for – Java (programming language for Android) is easier to a lot of new developers than Objective-C (programming language for iOS) and it’s easier to get your app in the Android marketplace than the Apple App Store, so developers would start focusing their efforts on developing for Android.

3. Sony and Nintendo Would Benefit

The iPod Touch is currently the number one portable gaming device, and this is based on the fact that consumers can get so many games for such a cheap price. On other portable gaming devices, such as the Playstation Portable, all games cost a set, flat, expensive fee. For iOS, developers and consumers have a lot of options for prices. Games are available for a range of costs, and most importantly, there are free ones. No game console manufacturer EVER releases free games. If Apple removed this benefit, the increase of sales for other portable gaming devices would increase, making additional money for their manufacturers.

4. Apple Would Be Forced To Decrease Device Prices

Did you know that Microsoft actually loses money when they produce an Xbox 360? They so to attract initial buyers, in hopes that they will buy games or their online service, and make their money there. If Apple were to require all applications to cost money, they’d be forced to take a similar approach.


Would you still have purchased your iOS device if every application had a minimum cost of $1?

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