Is The iPhone Getting Stale?

Apple is unlike any other smartphone manufacturer. Companies like Samsung, HTC and Blackberry are constantly revamping the style of their phones, and sometimes even completely changing the operating system running on the device. Apple has yet to do this. Since the release of the original iPhone back in June 2007, not much has really changed – the look of the phone externally is similar, and the operating system looks almost exactly the same. But is this a problem? 

We’ve always said, if it’s not broke then don’t fix it, and it’s definitely true that this idea can apply to the iPhone. The iPhone looks and feels great, and iOS is still looking as sharp as ever, despite suggestions that iOS 7 will feature a design overhaul. In fact, this can actually provide a benefit to iPhone users.

Have you ever used an iOS product before? If so, upgrading to a newer iOS device, whether it be an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, will be extremely easy, simply because the feel of the operating system is exactly the same as it was years ago. There would be almost no learning curve for you whatsoever – making it easier for you to switch back to iOS if you decided to try another smartphone for a while.

The iPhone staying designed the way it has been for so long provides a benefit to Apple as well. Because they’ve used the same design for so long, we as people, as potential buyers, have become accustomed to it. You could take a look at an iPhone and instantly know that it’s an iPhone, because we’ve been exposed to so many of them over the years. We know the design in and out because it hasn’t ever changed.

So iOS may not necessarily be stale, but what about the iPhone externally? Although it has changed in shape and size over the years, it still remains pretty much the same. Fortunately, there are thousands of cases available for the iPhone if you really want to customize it up a little bit, and make it a little bit less plain than a solid black or white. With so many options available, it seems impossible for the external look of the iPhone to become stale.

So what should Apple do then with future iPhones? A new design isn’t really that necessary, however, incremental hardware updates won’t due the trick if Apple wants to keep selling newer versions of their iOS devices, and encouraging consumers to upgrade. Apple needs new innovations to stay the king of smartphones, and continue increasing the amount of devices they sell each year. New innovations from Apple will keep the iPhone from becoming stale, and only Apple has that power.

Do you think the iPhone is becoming stale? What would prevent the iPhone from becoming stale to you? Let us know in the comments!

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