Should The New iPhone 5S Be Even Bigger?

With the release of the iPhone 5, we saw a long awaited increase of the iPhone screen size. But to some people, this increase of size was not enough – they want an even bigger iPhone. In fact, many people believe Apple have this plan in the making – rumors regarding an increased iPhone screen size have been circling the internet for months now. But even if this were to be true, would another increase in iPhone screen size be a good idea? 

Developer Standpoint

First, let’s look at this from a Developer standpoint. In order to optimize their applications for each iDevice, they have to take  the size and screen resolution of the device into account. This means that for every new screen size added, additional work is required to ensure their application works good on each device. By increasing the size of the iPhone again, we can’t ensure that developers would be willing to take the time to make their app compatible with it. Over a year later, there are still many new applications that aren’t compatible with the iPhone 5, and it’s for this very reason.

The Android App Store is notorious for this problem. There are so many different Android powered devices available for consumers, that it’s sort of a hit or miss game when trying to see if you can find an application that’s actually compatible with your Android device. This leads to a less enjoyable experience for its users.

Consumer Standpoint

However, an increased viewing area would allow for more options within applications, especially games. With small touch screen devices, doing certain things within games are incredibly hard. For example, pressing down on a tiny screen with one of your fingers sometimes hinders your view of what’s actually going on within the game, making it challenging to play. Another example would involve buttons. Sometimes, there’s so little room for buttons to be on the screen, that in attempt to press one, you may end up pressing multiple buttons at once, or hitting a different button completely.  Making the new iPhone bigger would solve both of these problems.

Apple Standpoint

So far, we’ve taken a look at an increased screen size from both a developer and a consumer standpoint. But what about Apple? How would this affect their sales?

Apple’s main competitor is Samsung, and their Galaxy series of phones. These phones run about 10% taller, and 20% wider. This offers both advantages and disadvantages for Apple right now. Those who have small hands would go for the iPhone, because their thumb would be able to reach all the way across the screen while holding it in their hand. However, there are people who find a large screen size of great importance, so they may favor one of Apple’s competitors.

The Solution

Apple should have made the iPhone 5 even wider when it was first released. This way, consumers would be able to have the benefits of an even larger screen size, without making it harder on developers. It’s too late for that though – perhaps Apple will be able to make the new iPhone bigger, while still giving us the option to keep the iPhone 5’s screen size. Nobody knows for sure what Apple has planned for us, so we’ll have to wait and see.What do you think Apple should do? Should the iPhone 5S be even bigger this time around?

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  2. it’s perfect now, refer back to there ad on the size increase, any bigger & it would plain suck. these big old bluetooth earbuds for example, you look stupid walking around with it in your ear all the time, if I wanted a encyclopedia held up to my head I wouldn’t have switched phones 10 years ago…

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