Can We Really Trust Apple?

Consumers are becoming more skeptical than ever in terms of trust with companies. We’ve all heard the stories of major credit card vendors getting hacked, databases exploited, and extremely personal information being stolen and released. With over 500 million iTunes accounts active, can we really trust Apple to keep this information safe?


The way Apple handles their business is unique. When you purchase one of their products, they almost force you to use their software – iTunes being a good example. There is no easy way to sync your iDevice with your computer without using iTunes, and there’s no way to purchase applications without creating an iTunes account.

We know that iOS is the world’s most secure mobile operating system, but what about Apple’s servers? After all, your information is stored on an external server somewhere that you don’t really have access to. What if that server gets breached? What could happen? Your credit card numbers would be stolen, your identity would be stolen, and let’s face it – after all of that, you’d probably be having a bad day.

A major breach of Apple’s servers has yet to happen, but that’s not to say it won’t happen in the future. However, Apple has extremely secure servers, as well as a dedicated security team to prevent stuff like this from happening. Because of this, I believe our information is pretty safe with Apple.

However, that doesn’t necessarily ensure trust in the company itself.

Remember earlier how I said that Apple forces you to use their software? They’ve also had some issues with sneaking their own software onto your computer without necessarily knowing that it had happened. In March of 2008, Apple had snuck Safari into an iTunes update, and hundreds of thousands of people soon had the unwanted internet browser on their computer. Not only is this completely unethical, it made consumers a lot more weary about using Apple’s software. But they have no choice, they need Apple software to use their devices.

The company has improved though recently, since Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO. When he was in charge, Apple were trying to control everything, leaving consumers without options. At least now, the consumers aren’t suffering as much as they used to.

In short, we can trust Apple with our data, but their malicious tactics of spreading software and such make them a questionable company.
Do you trust Apple? Let us know why or why not in the comments.

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