Why Would Apple Make A Gold Colored iPhone?

Gold iPhone 5S

Before the release of the iPhone each year, rumors circle around the internet covering each and every new thing that the next iPhone could have. This year, one of the most popular rumors is that Apple will start offering their new iPhone 5S in brand new colors – with a lot of focus on a gold or champagne colored iPhone.  But why would people actually want a gold colored iPhone? For years now, Apple has stuck only to their traditional black and white colors. If you wanted an iPhone to be a color other than black or white, you had to buy an iPhone case, and even those don’t do a great job at changing the way the phone actually looks. An injection of color is exactly what Apple needs right now, as their phone design has changed little over the past few years.

So we know that Apple needs to offer the iPhone in more colors, but why are we hearing gold so often? Think about it for a moment – gold is a precious metal. A valuable precious metal. And although the iPhone 5S most definitely will not be made of real gold, having the iPhone colored similarly will portray that idea of high status or wealthiness. This is especially true in other countries, particularly China.

Think about it for a moment – there is no other phone out there that would appeal to the market that desires a gold iPhone. And because of this, it’s incredibly likely Apple is trying to target people who have never owned an iPhone before, those looking to become iPhone owners for the first time.

So even if the idea of a gold colored iPhone doesn’t seem all that great to you, don’t worry. It’s made to target those in small rural areas and in other countries. It’s made to target those who associate the color gold with social status or wealthiness. It’s made to appeal to someone different, which is exactly what Apple needs to do to increase sales.

It makes sense from a marketing standpoint – but whether or not it’s successful we’ll have to see later this year when (and if) it’s actually released.

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