Why The iPhone Is The Best Smartphone For Senior Citizens

If you’re below the age of 30, you’ve grown up around the time technology was evolving. Just 10 years ago, we didn’t have touch screen phones, or HD televisions, or virtual assistants. Heck, we barely had Bluetooth. But today’s world is completely different than it was 10 years ago. All sorts of new technology is coming out, and while the majority of people who have grown up with it know all about it, a lot of older folk have been left bewildered. They aren’t used to the kinds of stuff the younger generations of today are. So what should you get your older friends if they aren’t technologically smart? The iPhone is the best phone for senior citizens, and here’s why.

It’s Easy To Use

iOS is the most simple mobile operating system available for a smartphone today. Although there is a learning curve, it’s much less steep than that of a smartphone running an operating system such as Android. It’s easy – you just click on the app you want to use. When you want to get back to your springboard, or pages of apps, you click on the only main button the device, the home button. Easy to use, and easy to remember.

iOS Is Secure

iOS is also the world’s most secure mobile operating system. Applications are tested thoroughly before they are manually approved to be placed on the App Store, and apps can not be installed from other sources (unless of course, your device is jailbroken). Because of this, there is almost zero possibility for your iDevice to be infected with viruses or malware. Contrast this to the Android App Store, which allows anyone to upload their application for free, and with no approval process. This is why producers have even gone as far as to recommend an antivirus for phones running the Android operating system, because it is so unsecure.

The iPhone is Unbrickable

A ‘bricked’ device is a device that is completely useless. It’s impossible to restore, and it can never be used again. This makes the device about as effective as a brick, hence the name. Well guess what? The iPhone isn’t like that, it’s unbrickable. No matter what you do to your iPhone, you always have the option to restore the phone, even if it’s unable to boot into its operating system. If something is seriously screwed up software wise, you never have to be worried about the iPhone being ruined forever because you’ll always have that option. This makes it a great choice for children as well, as you can rest assured that they won’t be able to break it regardless of what they do on it.

iPhone Issues Are Few And Far Between

If someone you know has trouble even using modern technology, they’ll have even a harder time trying to troubleshoot it when something goes wrong. No device is perfect, including the iPhone. However, it seems to have significantly less amount of common issues than its competitors do. For some people, fixing the issues aren’t that big of a deal, in fact, some people even enjoy it. However, senior citizens will only get frustrated and one bad experience can take them away from trying new technology ever again.

There Is A Lot Of Support Available

If something eventually does go wrong with the iPhone, there is a lot of support available for the device. Because the device is so popular, there are many local stores around to fix hardware issues, and many websites such as iOS Universe to help troubleshoot and fix other issues. In fact, if you ever have any issues with an iPhone, feel free to send us an email and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Have any questions? No problem. Feel free to post them as a comment on this article or post over on the iOS Universe Forums and get help from our friendly community. Please don’t hesitate – no question is too small for us!

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