How To Automatically Add Lyrics To Your iTunes Songs

Having the lyrics of a song at your disposal is a powerful tool. Not only do the lyrics help a song make a lot more sense, knowing them often times makes the songs more enjoyable to listen to, because you’re able to follow along. Tapping your foot to the rhythm is great and all, but sometimes you want to be able to sing along, and that can only be done by knowing the lyrics. But how exactly do you get the lyrics for all the songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? It could be done manually, but that is a long and tedious process nobody wants to go through, especially if you have a larger library of songs. Thankfully, tools have been created that can do this task automatically.

Automatically Adding Lyrics To iTunes on PC

Although there are many tools available that all (theoretically) accomplish the same task, there are some that work far better than others. On the PC, we recommend a program called iTunes Friend. iTunes Friend goes through your iTunes library song by song, looks up the lyrics on the internet, and then adds them to the song. iTunes Friend has been able to find the lyrics for even our more obscure and rare songs, which is a huge bonus seeing as many other programs couldn’t.

Automatically Add Lyrics To iTunes with iTunes Friend

The features of iTunes Friend do not end there – iTunes Friend is also capable of finding the album art for a lot of songs, but like any program, it isn’t perfect. Many album covers go unfound, but our main focus here is lyrics, and iTunes Friend takes care of that with ease.

You can download iTunes Friend here. 


Automatically Adding Lyrics To iTunes on Mac

Automatically Add Music To iTunes with Get Lyrical

This article wouldn’t be complete without support for Mac. Luckily, there’s software available equally as good as iTunes Friend mentioned above. For Mac, we recommend a program called Get Lyrical. It does exactly the same thing as iTunes Friend – searches through your library, scraping for lyrics to songs. When it finds them, it adds them to the song.  Please note that if you have a large iTunes library, it could take several hours for the program to completely finish adding the lyrics.

You can download Get Lyrical here. 


While you probably won’t be using your newly acquired lyrics to sing along in the shower, or on the city bus, they’ll now always be there for you to reference. If you are feeling kind, please consider donating to the creators of these wonderful tools.

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