What To Do If You Drop Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in Water

One of the scariest things that can happen to any electronic owner is dropping their beloved device in water. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common occurrence, but it’s actually not something to worry about. If you drop your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in water, you can follow these steps to fix it quickly and easily. 

1. Remove The Device From The Water Quickly

This should go without saying, but you should quickly remove the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the water as quickly as you can. Every second can mean the difference between your device working properly, or suffering permanent hardware damage. Be quick – but be careful as well. It’d sure suck to drop it back in the water by panicking and grabbing it too quickly!

2. Immediately Power It Off

If the device if on, the first thing you should do is power it off. If it’s left powered on, and water seeps into the hardware, the water can fry it – leaving it ruined forever. This however, is not possible with the device turned off, so do it quickly after removing the device from water, even if you don’t think water has seeped inside. If the device won’t turn off like it normally does, hold the power button and home button until it does.

3. Remove The Sim Card (iPhone/iPad) And Any Accessories You May Have.

After powering the device off, you should carefully remove the SIM card if your device has one. If you’re using a case or similar accessory to protect your device, remove it. These types of accessories can trap moisture inside of the device.

4. Dry It Off

If there is water externally, you can wipe it off with any sort of cloth. You should also use a small piece of cloth or a q-tip and dry out any ports you can, such as the headphone jack.

5. Put It In A Bag Of Uncooked Rice

This is the key part – completely cover the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in a bag of rice, and leave it there for at least 48 hours. Rice is great at absorbing moisture, so naturally it will be able to take it out of your device. Be patient, as this is the key step. The quicker you take it out of the rice, the less chance it has of working again.

Optional: Invest In A Waterproof Case

Even if you fixed your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch this time, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be so lucky in the future. It might be a good idea to invest in a waterproof case such as the Lifeproof. A small investment into a waterproof case may save you the cost of buying an entirely new phone in the future!

Have you ever dropped your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in water? What was the experience like? Share it with us by posting a comment below!

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