What To Do If Your iPhone Or iPad Won’t Charge

Ever plug your iPhone or iPad in to see that it’s not charging? Although this can be scary, it may not actually be that hard to fix. If your iPhone or iPad won’t charge, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the battery is dead. Before fearing the worst, try these steps below. 

1. Check The Port For Lint

The first thing you should do is to look inside the iPhone or iPad’s charging port to make sure it’s not full of lint. In order for the charger to charge the device, it must be able to send electricity through the pins inside of the iPhone or iPad. If the pins are covered in lint, they may not conduct electricity, causing the device not to charge. It is possible to clear the lint by blowing into the port, or by using a cotton swab or a piece of cloth.

2. Make Sure The Charger Is Sending Enough Power

The iPhone and iPad both require a certain amount of power from the charger to actually charge the device. This means that if you’re trying to charge from a source that doesn’t output much power (such as the USB port off of a keyboard) that the device may not charge.

3. Try A Different Cord And Charger

Cords are not going to last forever, and neither are chargers. If the charger is strong enough to charge your iPhone or iPad, and it’s still not working, it’s probably dead. Swapping it out will show you whether or not it’s the charger that’s having a problem, or if its your device itself.

4. Take It To An Apple Store

If you’ve tried all of the above and it’s still not working, then unfortunately, it’s most likely a problem with the iPhone or iPad itself. It’s possible that the battery is dead, or something’s wrong with the charging port and it’s unable to send power to the device’s battery. Apple offers a battery replacement service for the iPhone and iPad, costing $79 and $99 respectively. You can read more about this service here on Apple’s website.

By following the steps above, you’re sure to fix your problem regarding your iPhone or iPad from charging. If you have any more questions, feel free to post a comment below, or visit our forums.

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  1. jennifer perez says:

    I don’t understand. I just bought my ipad a year ago and I hardly use it. Why is it that the battery died due to hardware malfunction and I had to pay 89 bucks for a new battery. I shouldn’t have to get insurance just in case the product I bought wasn’t made properly. I know I sound like I’m complaining but honestly, with a company like apple, these things should definitely not occur, especially considering how much I originally paid.

    • You’re completely correct – you were very unfortunate to have had your battery die after only a year, especially if the iPad was bought brand new. Most people (including myself) will never experience battery issues with their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, but of course there’s always the occasional battery that doesn’t last as long as it should.

      If the device was bought less than a year before the battery needed replacement, it should’ve been covered under warranty.

      Anyway, I’m sorry that you had that experience and hopefully it won’t happen to you again.

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